Critical Thinking Amidst Volatile Markets and Complex Transactions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are the founding legacy of the firm. We pair problem-solving with expansive industry knowledge to allow clients to execute transactions that create shareholder value and liquidity. Extensive industry relationships create an environment for open communication among the parties in a transaction, paving the way for successful execution.

Fairness Opinions

Fairness opinions are an integral tool for bank directors to gain clarity on pricing and make a well-informed decision in a merger. Burke Stelling Group puts great weight on this responsibility and performs thorough investigations for each fairness opinion.

Capital Raising and Restructuring

Burke Stelling Group has raised capital in various differing situations including distressed bank recapitalizations, management team recapitalizations, and growth capital for healthy banks. Our vast capital network combined with this broad experience allows for unique approaches to the many challenges of raising capital.

Our principals pride themselves on taking a thoughtful, creative approach to all assignments. This approach has enabled us to tackle some of the most complex capital structures. Burke Stelling Group has helped negotiate discounted pay-offs and conversions of preferred equity, trust preferred debt, and other forms of holding company debt for our clients. These restructurings have allowed our clients to unwind complex capital structures, recapitalize the company with more traditional common equity, and focus on growing the institution.

Debt Advisory

Burke Stelling Group has an unparalleled network of senior-level relationships across the lending spectrum, including community banking, bridge lending, SBA, equipment financing, accounts receivable/factoring, and other specialty lines. If your small business is looking for financing for growth, acquisitions, equipment, or other working capital needs, Burke Stelling Group is uniquely positioned to get you the senior level attention that your project deserves. If you are a lender with liquidity / lending constraints, we also help broker bulk sales, flow agreements, participations, warehouse lines, and other partnerships.

Strategic Advisory

Objective, actionable advice is the core of Burke Stelling Group. Idea generation, critical thinking, evaluation of multiple options for capital, strategic growth and acquisitions—all are supported by a vast and expanding base of industry relationships and experiences. The firm’s advisory work is independent of any conflict inherent in larger firms.

Branch Sales/Acquisitions

Rationalizing a branch network can often be a vital part of creating long-term value for bank shareholders. The capital generated from the gain on sale of branches can be deployed in higher growth markets, new business lines, or to dispose of distressed assets. Burke Stelling Group specializes in maximizing the value of branches in markets that may no longer be an integral part of the organization.

Private Company Valuations

As a recognized expert in the valuation of banks and bank holding companies, we can help determine the fair market value of your private stock for a variety of purposes including strategic planning, annual ESOP monitoring, estate and trust planning, and charitable donations.